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What to Say?

I have been really lax at this LiveJournal. It is just so much easier to Tweet or put up a new Facebook status. Not an excuse! But still easier and quicker to do from a cell phone.

But things have been going well, and I will write more later to fill in the gaps. :)

New Hats for the Winter

I've been working steadily on a series of hats. Two down and two to go now. Here's some pretty pics for you to look at. :)

First, a little something for myself.

And now M's birthday present.


Why I Didn't Go to the Inauguaration

Right now I'm thinking: why didn't I go to the inauguration??

Front seat of history. Right there with all of the beautiful people. WHAT WAS I THINKING??

I'll tell you how all of this went down. They asked for volunteers to work at the inauguration. Deal was that you had to arrive at 5:00 AM -- probably leaving by 2:00ish in the afternoon. Since we couldn't drive in and the Metro was only starting at 4:00 AM, the best choice would have been to stay over the night before. But Metro sounded unsure about how they were going to move people in and out of town.

At the time, M was going to be on travel, and I had some concerns about getting in and out of town. (For instance, if I got stuck in Arlington, there was no one to pick me up.) Plus, there were the cats to consider. Who would feed them? And, finally, I'm not that fond of being in the cold for 8 hours. I max out at 2 hours.

So, I made my decision and was ok with it. Especially when I heard that people were being assigned posts like wayfinder at Union Station. I didn't want to put all the effort to be in DC, but be unable to see anything. That made me think that I made the right choice.

Then I saw the pictures from the lucky people who got to work VIP seating. And now I'm thinking: why didn't I volunteer?? Would it have been worth the hassle in the end??

And then I thought: a few years ago, I so would have done this. I would have rallied, bought hand and feet warmers and witnessed history. I probably would have paid for it the next day, but I would have done it. Getting stuck wouldn't have been a deterent.

When did I get so old?? And safe? Watching the whole thing pass me by? Ugh... I don't like this. Hundred-year-old women had more chutzpah than I did! What is wrong with me??

So, this is my decision. I can't let the small stuff keep me from doing things that I would have done a couple of years ago. I think that when I got married and moved to Virginia (and therefore out of my comfort zone), part of me retreated at the same time. There were so many new and uncomfortable things that I forced myself to do, that I stopped doing some of the fun and crazy things that I used to enjoy.

This has to stop! I'm not old, yet. So, begone little worries and fears. And welcome back regular me!

Knitting Projects

I have been working on a couple of knitting projects right now. It's the slow season at work, and I have been taking advantage of it. :)

First, a hat for M's neice. She's in a HotTopic phase right now. Hence the skulls and crossbones. Usually, I wouldn't knit something like this, but it was fun to try stranded knitting for the first time. And I tested out the whole thing on M's head. The tension is ok! Something tha5t I was worried about since this is my first time knitting something in Fair Isle.

And also something for me. It might be the only thing I've ever knitted for myself. There is a hat to follow. :) This is deceivingly easy. Most people tell me that it looks hard. But it was really quite easy. Just a pattern of cables.

It's supposed to get busier next week at work. I'm sure the knitting will slow down. Although, it is providing some excitement for my co-workers. Every once in a while, I will catch someone watching me. And some people have told me that it is very relaxing to watch me knit. Who knew that knitting could provide such stress relief for everyone?



I don't want to make this a kitty blog, but...

Precious, right? :)

We're on a homeopathic course of treatment right now. The vet said this is a severe case of the virus. (To which I said in my head: "Well, duh!") But we don't want to overdo it on the antibiotics right now. So, lysine supplements and saline up the nose. Lysine is supposed to help their immune system fight the virus. The saline is really effective in getting the gunk out of their noses, which I think is helping the most. (This is a human trick too, by the way).

Should you use the saline on your cat, though, some words of advice. First off, they hate it. So, be prepared for a fight. Secondly, you want to do this in an area with surfaces that can be easily cleaned. Because when they start sneezing...the snot starts flying. Literally. It's disgusting.

Fingers crossed that this will work!


Sick Kitties

For at least four months, we have been dealing with feline sicknesses. Both Sammy and TJ have had what the vet thinks is the Feline Herpes Virus. Yes, my cats have herpes. There's a girl at work who calls them the "herp cats."

From what I've read, they're going to have this virus for the rest of their lives, and we'll just have to deal with the "flare ups" from time to time. I guess because we have two of them, the flare up has just been hanging on...and on...and on...

We have given them up to three rounds of antibiotics each to deal with the secondary infections that have been plaguing them. (There has been much snot -- all over the place. I had to clean the wall behind their kitty bed. Ew.) They were doing well after the last round of meds, but right after Christmas, they started sneezing and coughing again. And poor TJ has conjunctivitis for the third time.

Has anyone else every had to deal with something like this? I heard that the virus does go dormant eventually. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Look at how konked out there are with the meds. Don't they look like they need help?


New Year, New LJ

Since I have been extremely absent from this LJ for some time, I decided that I would make a new commitment to it. Be born again in 2009, so to speak. :)

I am going to try in the upcoming new year to use this LJ as I first intended and give witty, heartfelt commentary on life as I see it. Although I don't intend to whine, bitch and complain too much; more often than not some of that might creep back in when appropriate. :)

Due to the fact that I would like to keep my job, I am toying with the idea of making this page friends-only in discussing most work matters. In lieu of that, I will have to be very circumspect. And so for those of you who may not be LJ members, let's just say that I work for a much-visited tourist attraction in Washington, DC that is run by the federal government. Use your imagination.

I live right outside DC with my husband, M, and two cats: TJ and Sammy. Both cats are lovely, friendly companions (and the husband isn't bad either) who have their own quirks (husband included in that).

It's not always the most exciting or revolutionary life, but it is my life and this is my story. So, enjoy! Write, don't write. Whatever you choose. Just say hi once in a while.

Now, if you'll excuse me, the cats know that we have chicken in the oven and I have to shoo them away before I have an accident on my hands.

Aug. 11th, 2008

Well, we did it! After months of debating, we went back to AWLA and got another kitten.

Introducing Sammy!
sammy, kitten

More pics under the cut!Collapse )


Beauty Shot

Here's a new picture of our friend, TJ. He's not so little anymore!



New England Dreams

I understand now why people come to New England for vacation. The weather! The food! I am craving it all!

As disgustingly hot and humid as it can get in MA, I had no idea that was actually nice compared to DC in July and August. And I have heard that the worst is yet to come! What is worse than 90-degree heat and high humidity?? How about 100+ heat and high humidity??

I miss being close to the ocean and getting those nice sea breezes.

We also have been CRAVING the summer food from back home. This is always the season of fresh seafood and regional delights like lobster rolls, clam boils, stuffed quahogs, clam chowder... Need I go on?

We'll be heading back to MA/RI in September for a wedding. Only two more months to go. And I have a feeling that we're going to gorge ourselves on all of these things we've been missing!